We have for sale Dried Herbs of available at my Etsy Shop.

Arnica Flowers whole
Blessed Thistle
Burdock Root
Damiana leaf
Dandelion leaf
Dandelion root
Echinacea Prp. Root
Elderberries Whole
Elderflowers whole
Eucalyptus Leaf
Fennel Seed Whole
Flax Seed Whole
Hawthorne berries whole
Hibiscus flowers whole
Hops flowers
Horseradish Root Powder
Hyssop Leaf
Juniper Berries whole
Marshmallow root
Mullein leaf
Lemon Balm
Lemon Verbena
Licorice root
Nettle leaf
Oat Straw
Passion flower herb
Plantain leaf
Rosebuds whole Red
Rose Petals Pink
Red clover leaves and flowers
Red clover tops whole
Raspberry leaf
Sarsaparilla Root
Scullcap Herb
St. John's Wort
Valerian root
White Willow Bark
Yarrow flowers

Please do your research on the use, benefits, or cautions of each herb. If you have a question on a particular herb I can look it up for you and give you more info. Many Herbs can be made into teas, tinctures, extracts, salves and balms, incorporated into bath salts, infused into oils, or honey. God gives us these herbs from the land for healing and our benefit.

As always, consult your health provider before herbal use if on medication, nursing or pregnant.

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