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 Our bottled Kombucha above where the crew at the Natural Health Center loved to drink it. They were my biggest fans!    

       Kombucha of various flavors was a big hit at fall festivals and Farmer's Markets. 


     This is the reason why it's a good idea to open in a bowl slowly in the sink!
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Abigail's Scoby Hotels - Such pretty red gingham coverings!

Laura documents her Kombucha brewing batches by date, and quantity made.

Mark helps with transferring the finished batch into a smaller vessel for refrigeration storage.

Don't mess with Mama!

We used to flavor in glass flip top bottles in the early days, but with all the carbonation build up it became to messy to open. Just ask Eileen! We stick with plastic or glass bottles you can twist off the cap slowly and carefully in the sink!

Kombucha just isn't for drinking!
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