Lots of herbs & flowers to harvest and dry!

 Our ground cover experiment of buckwheat blooms.

 Stock flowers from Trader Joe's.
 Nothing like a pretty fresh cut bouquet!
 My little helper with the flowers.
 Dill Harvest
Some of my beautiful plants.
Snowball on the prowl.
Dirk, Alicia & Kathia with Snowball!
Love eating the fennel!

This year I had a hard time juggling my online sales, garden - vegetables, harvesting, picking, hanging drying, shopping, cleaning, canning, beautifying, upkeep of the house, mowing, and all that maintain a home in summer entails. The garden gave a good harvest of tomatoes, of which I have canned green tomato pickles, freeze ripe tomatoes until I'm ready for them to can, and had done several batches of raw fermented salsa. The garden didn't do quite as good as it should have, as we did things a little differently, but we hope to do better next year. All the herbs, flowers, etc. Have kept me busy, as well as online sales which keep me hopping throughout the year! I thank my loyal customers for their patronage! Thanks to hubby for his support and help as well...The kitties have enjoyed being outside with all the critters, sunshine and things to explore! I'm thankful for my little helpers! We will miss our little friends down the street, the Yoder children when they return to their homeland soon. Many blessings to you all! Keep looking to the Lord for direction, strength, and the path to follow. Until Next time.....Laura R.