Rhodes Creations
April 2019 Newsletter

Early Spring Blessings

Back to Eden Gardening by Paul Gautschi introduction
It's time to enjoy the warmer weather and get ready for the upcoming growing season. We have our tomato seedlings started and we have prepared our garden - doing the "Back to Eden" no till style. We have learned so much and have been very inspired by Paul G. We have put layers of wood chips, wood ash, and compost on there so far. Mark has planted some seeds of 2 different types of kale and broccoli. Unfortunately, they did not germinate. We are trying again inside in the basement. We are excited to see how the growing season goes and praying that the Lord will bless our efforts. 
I have been cleaning out the flower beds, and Mark and I trimmed the bushes back in preparation to mulch. I already had a dump truck load of mulch delivered and it is ready when we are. It's always such a big job, because we have so many flower beds! Last week we managed to do several of the front beds. Yeah!

Stay tuned to the latest updates, Until Later, Laura R.