Here's just some random, fun pics of various and sundry Home Decor Items I'd like to share.

I love drying apples, oranges, and whatever I can get my hands on. I made this little Winter bouquet as a gift for a customer. Thank you, Martha, for purchasing this for your church's Silent Auction!
What does Home Decor, mean essentially? The Free Dictionary dot com says: 
interior decoration - decoration consisting of the layout and furnishings of a livable interior. decordecoration, ornament, ornamentation - something used to beautify. Yes, I'd agree.

Here's a picture from the last venue (and only) of the 2017 season. Dear Madison Makes the Sweetest  Hand painted signs from Paint & Pallets. I was trying to sell some for her at the Festival-Drumheller's Orchard. I managed to sell one.

 Here's some of my hydrangeas that were harvested in 2017. I thought they'd make a nice picture in my watering can before going in the basement to hang to dry.
 With all the rage in the summer with miniature Fairy gardens I tried to sell some. However, it didn't work. I will have a nice container to use for a future project or more Couple's nights Gifts. Repurpose: Yes!

 A nice Snowman hat lamp I made for the Liberty University Christmas Festival. Nope, it didn't sell and I tried to sell on Etsy, didn't sell their either. But the SPCA got a special donation!
 A very festival Fall wreath I tried to sell on Etsy. But guess what? I still use it on my front door during the Fall Season. Happy Fall, Ya'll!
 A vintage swag from the past....
 No- I didn't make this one, but I got lots of inspiration from it from the Couple's Night at Harmony.
 Amazing just something simple can make such a difference. My lavender that smells so good and fragrant and makes a wonderful herb to dry or in fresh cut arrangements. Got to love lavender!
 Another previous creation. Love the little birdie!
 A simple Christmas Wreath.
And last but not least, when I was into embroidery when my machine was still working I loved making items like this. Takes a lot of time, but oh, the memories that they made. Most of it turned into gifts or donations!

Remember, when God closes one door-He will open another!
Turn your lemons into Lemonade & Be Thankful in all things and For All things!
Getting things we don't want can turn into an opportunity to think outside the BOX!

Until Next Time!