Loving God's creation, and enjoying it while I can!
 Rose of Sharon, Butterfly bush, chamomile, poke/ink berry, queen anne's lace with hydrangea.
 Sunflower, hydrangea, golden rod, wildflowers...
 I got some from Milmont, this picture taken at Saunder's brother's, mine are blooming now too! Enjoying my hibiscus!

 Loving my hydrangeas!
 Graylin likes flowers too!

 My helper, Graylin!
 All ready to go to market...Or in this case, Sac a poo!
 Wonderful Zinnia's, lilies, borage, garden phlox, canna lily...
 Anise hyssop, glads, and black eyed susans...
Ordering more glad bulbs for next year!
 Sure going to miss the Sunflowers!
 Bumble Bees, no extra charge!

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