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This kit contains everything you will need to start your home brewing of healthy and wonderfully wild Kombucha Tea in your own home.

Kit #1

This Kit will include ingredients for brewing 1 gallon of Kombucha Tea:
* 6 Tea packets (3 green tea, 3 black tea)
*sugar- Non GMO Cane
*SCOBY- healthy, homegrown (with starter tea)
Your choice of One *1 gallon glass jar- coffee filter cover and rubber band
or *2 Half Gallon Jars (Wide Mouth) with coffee filter covers and rubber bands
*instructions on how to brew your Kombucha Tea

Kit #2
Same as above, but without the Jar

People of the Orient have called Kombucha the "Immortal elixir of life" for centuries. This ancient drink is loaded with probiotics, the healthy, good bacteria in your gut that your body needs to digest food and detoxify your body. It has lots of glucosamines, which is very good for helping with joint pain (like arthritis). Rich in antioxidants, it will boost your immunity and drive out the free radicals.

Kombucha is an all natural health beverage full of probiotics and other healthy amino acids. Probiotic literally means “for life”. Unlike antibiotics, which kill ALL of the bacteria in your body, even the good stuff, probiotics re-establish the natural ecology of the intestinal flora. Probiotics are said to boost immunity, enhance mood, fight allergies, detoxify the body and rid the body of disease.

A Sixteen ounce bottle of Kombucha Tea at health food stores cost $3 and up. With this kit you can make a gallon at a time for less than $2.00 per batch. The Kombucha you brew in your own kitchen can be created or flavored to your own taste preference. You will also have as many Scobys as you would like as they multiply and you can share with family and friends. This kit will make brewing your own Kombucha a lot less intimidating and get you started in the right direction with support via email if you need it and guaranteed satisfaction.

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