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Pictured here is a sample of a wonderful prim country quart canning jar chick feeder lamp with electric taper candle with silicon bulb. The chick feeder is painted (your color of choice) and prim fixins inside the feeder. This lamp is made to order with homespun bow in colors of your choice. Your choice of Fixins and your choice of Fixins scent. Your choice of flicker or non flicker silicon bulb. Extras such as rusty bells, stars, keys or pip berry rings $1.50 extra. Please convo me for your special Lamp today!
$29.99+ shipping & handling

Fragrances available:
Apples and Cinnamon (Hot baked apples sprinkled with cinnamon.)
Apple Berry Smoothie
Banana Nut Bread (Fresh baked bread with banana slices, chopped nuts, and ginger.)
Black Raspberry Vanilla
Brown Sugar (Blend of maple, brown sugar, and butter.)
Butter Pecan Pie (Smells just like grandma's pecan pie!)
Cinnamon Nutmeg
Christmas Morning (Orange, Clove, and Pine Needle)
Clove (Fresh ground clove buds.)
Eggnog (Blend of rum, cinnamon, and fruits.)
Gingerbread (Sliced gingerbread loaf releasing the aroma of spices and vanilla.)
Ginger Spice
Grandma's Kitchen (All the spices you want to find in classic cooking.)
Hershey's Chocolate(Fragrance of Chocolate)
Lavender (Sedative, Muscle relaxant)
Orange Spice (Orange and cloves)
Peppermint (Invigorating)
PiƱa Colada
Pumpkin Pie Spice (All the aroma of this holiday favorite.)
Rosemary Eucalyptus (Muscle Relaxant, Decongestant)
Spearmint (Stimulating)
Spiced Apple (Fresh baked apple with cinnamon sprinkled on it.)
Sun-ripened Fruit
Sweet Orange (Sedative)
Sweet Pea
Sweet Potato Pie (A blend of sweet potato, marshmallow, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla.)
Sweet Holiday Blend Coffee (Special spice blend of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and ginger wrapped around a buttery almond accord with a sweet vanilla and maple dry down.)
Vanilla Spice

Prim Fixins Choices:
-Pudka pods(mini pumpkins), rosehips, cinnamon sticks
-Hips and sticks (rosehips and cinnamonn sticks)
-Rosehips, cinnamon sticks, star anise

Bow Color Choices:

Chick Feeder Color Choices:
Black, Red, Green, Brown

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