Suggested Use.
Prim Fixin's
This is the classic prim "all purpose" bowl filler mixture of your choice of the following:

1)plain rosehips-unscented or scented
2)rosehips and cinnamon sticks-unscented or scented
3)"The Works" hips, cinnamon sticks, star Anise, whole cloves, and whole allspice-unscented or scented
4) Putka Pods-plain-unscented or scented
5) Putka Pods and cinnamon sticks-unscented or scented
6) Putka Pods with the "Works"-cinnamon sticks, star Anise, whole cloves/allspice, corn-unscented or scented.
7) Cinnamon Sticks-scented or plain
Mix your hips with pods and botanicals to complement your home’s decor. They also look great with cinnamon ornies mixed in or wax melter figurines like crows or stars laying on top. Rosehips can also be displayed on their own in a prim bowl or around a cake candle.
They add texture and a great prim red color to your potpourri.
You can have it scented or just ask for it plain, it's up to you.
Just email me or add special instructions to your order with the scent of your choice,
ingredients and amount.
**Please note: This listing is just for prim fixins. Other items are for display purposes only.**

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